Theoretical Physicist, Data Scientist, enthusiast Game Designer.

As I train myself to become a game developer/designer, I have been assembling a small portfolio of working examples and prototypes. These are broken down into two main groups, those I made by following a course and those I made from scratch. I will keep this page updated with all projects I think are worthy to share.

All games are free for download, and any copyright constraints (such as from assets, etc) will be noted.

Course Examples

Made in Unity3D

Android Games

Click the images to get download the apk file. All social media, Google services, and in-game purchases features are disabled. Any bugs or suggestions can be sent to main at miguelromao.me, although these games serve solely the purpose of demonstrating some finished work. Gameplay balancing was not a great concerned, as I was mainly worried at learning how to script in C# and using the Editor for the desired purpose.

A faller (vertical runner) game. It features collectables, high-scores, and difficulty levels.

A platform game. It features various enemies, life countdowns, victory conditions. Only two levels were designed and included.

A Flappy Bird clone. It features high-scores and unlockable bird colours.

A memory puzzle game. It features progression through different levels of difficulty.

A runner game. It features different enemies with different 2d colliders.

A vertical shooting arcade game. It features multiple levels (only 2 designed and included), collectables, unlockable characters and weapons.