Theoretical Physicist, Data Scientist, enthusiast Game Designer.

About Me

I have a PhD and a Masters in Theoretical Physics, plus a Masters in Applied Maths, but I have lately focusing on Data Science and Game Development

About Me

Data Science

I am proficient in many Data Science and Machine Learning tools, like Pandas, SciKit Learn, Tensorflow, amongst others. I’m particularly  keen on AI

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Game Development

Game Design is a long time passion of mine. I have been learning and developing games, mostly in Unity3D engine, for both mobile and PC

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During my PhD and a short Post-Doctoral position, I conducted research on String Theory Phenomenology, an exciting and challenging subject

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Welcome to my website!

Hi there!

Very happy to have you here. Unfortunately, the site is still under construction and is by no means ready for visitors like yourself!

Over the next few days, I will be adding my game portfolio, a blog, and other goodies.

Stay tuned!



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XOR, Moons, and Circles: classifying non-linearity

Today we will discuss how different classification algorithms fit different shapes of data. We will see how the decision boundaries are drawn by different algorithms when faced with a variety[…]

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09/04/2018 0

Convolutional Neural Networks for the MNIST Dataset: Tensorflow+Layers and Keras

In this post, we are going to go through how to construct a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and train it to recognise hand-written digits with the MNIST dataset. In fact,[…]

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20/03/2018 0

A simple low-level Tensorflow classifier

As an exercise, I developed a simple classifier only using Tensorflow low-level functions. By this I mean I avoided using any higher-level abstractions such as the Estimator API, Layers, or[…]

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19/03/2018 2